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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  August 28, 2009 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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this is what it was like. it's like somebody forgot to turn off the hose. >> how many of you ran down to the basement to see if everything was okay? some people say it was not. >> mold the mind find a teacher. >> all of these stories and a lot more coming up, but first, over to justin. >> all right. after all these quiet mornings, that's almost too much to talk about right now. you know the expression it rains it pours? yeah. literally this morning. tropical storm danny off the coast. it's the weekend. this is the perfect setup or the worst setup. let's take to you maryland's most popular radar. pull this back and show you this is on kent island. the bay bridge is wet.
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gosh, i feel bad for you in northeastern sections of carroll county because you are getting lightning up through manchester. this is already hitting you on 83. p we pull this back, heavy rain that came around the beltway is up 95 through northern delaware and much of southern new jersey having to deal with this. the forecast for today, we have ourselves a flash flood warning in harford and cecil county. more of the tropical downpours possible. 6:01, here's kim. >> just check the wake-up window at the bottom of the screen and we'll get the complete update of the road closures and incident ashes the area. just getting word of a crash on
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pikesville near park heights avenue. just be aware of that. southbound 95 remains blocked because of the earlier crash. and also philadelphia road between route 543 and abingdon road closed. try using route 40, pulaski highway also. jamie and megan, back to you. kim from the rooftop to your basement to the roads, you are covered in rain this morning. abc 2 news linda so with how bad it. >> reporter: many of us heard the rain and wasn't back to sleep and others weren't so lucky when the rain started pouring into their homes. we look at the overnight photographer pete on the street o'neal. what happened to this family is any homeowner's nightmare. their basement was completely
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flooded out. they just bought the brand new house ten days ago and today is the homeowner's birthday. it happened near pikesville. the outside drain got socked with storm debris causing the mess. then in west baltimore county this is something you hope you never to do, scoop water out of your car with the plastic cup. this man was driving home when he came upon a flooded street near timber grove road. the driver says it was so dark he didn't realize the road was flooded until he was in it. he and his friends managed to escape. >> you see this on tv and you never think it will happen to you, but it did. luckily, i was able to get my car out of here. >> all that stormy weather brought down trees and power lines in the area. linda so, abc 2 news.
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investigators are trying to piece together what led up to a shooting of a corrections officer. erika carr's body was found not far from fort worthington elementary. people who live nearby heard three shots around 4:30 in the morning. she was 37 years old and lived with her children in middle river. mees would not say if it had in toying do with her job. >> it shocks me a lot. es certainly for a female. it's a good community. not no bad neighborhood at all. so it's shocking. >> the state's division of pretrial detention overseas the baltimore city detention center where erika car worked. a driver is behind bars in ann akundle county accused of
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intentional i had hitting a pedestrian who yelled at him to slow down shortly before 7:00 open wednesday night in the 900 block of long view road in pasadena. police say the man yelled at a driver adam warren, jr. spinning his wheels and driving recklessly. warren was charged with assault. the man was not seriously injured and is okay. an update on the maryland proposal stunt that made national headlines. he reimbursed baltimore city police $300 for his proposal production that involved marine police and city police helicopter back on august 7 at the inner harbor. during the 15-minute incident, police boarded the boat and pretended to search for contraband until he popped the question. it was based on the hourly rate paid to the officers and costs
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of helicopter fuel. this next story you'll be screaming at your tv set. back in 1991, we had an 11- year-old girl kidnapped near her home. she was never located but on wednesday, the woman came forward saying she is the missing person from 18 years ago. how police have now made two arrests. >> reporter: these were the last images of jaycee dugar smiling, blond, just 11 years old. she disappeared walking to a bus stop in northern california. >> my daughter was just kidnapped, gray ford with a man and woman in the car. >> reporter: her stepfather got a call from jaycee's mother. >> she paused for ten seconds and she goes, she's alive and we both cried for about ten minutes. >> reporter: authorities say it all began with this man phillip, a registered sex offender.
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he was seen by a police officer with two young girls. when brought in for questioning by his parole officer, he was accompanied by a young woman name add list is a. >> the two minor children turned out to be children of jaycee and the defendant. >> reporter: a search of the property turned up soundproof sheds and tents hidden from view. >> jaycee and the girls spent most of their lives on that. >> reporter: the couple were convicted of kidnap and rape and conspiracy to commit a crime. jaycee and her two children are said to be in good health and have been reunited with her mother. >> to get her back alive is like winning the lotto. >> reporter: authorities say they know of no attempts of jaycee to let anyone know of her whereabouts.
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diana al very ar, abc 2 news. >> "good morning america" will have more on the story. >> the guy was out on parole, too, right? >> yes. 18 years. >> oh, man. tens of thousands of teachers are needed around the country, and dozens are needed right here in our area of baltimore city. >> and many are looking for an affordable place to live. >> now they are offering more than spacious living and amenities. >> it's time to move in. sherrie johnson tells us how. >> reporter: good morning. tough economic times mean goods deals for some teachers. millers court is offering discounts to get those educators to move in. this was designed and the rooms feature high ceilings and large windows. it's located minutes from where teachers work. state and local tax credits offset the cost of development
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and operations. teachers say it is an option you can't pass up. >> makes rent a nonissue. we can pay for supplies instead of rent and utilities. >> rent ranges from $700 to $1500 a month for teachers. normally a one bedroom in the same neighborhood would go for $1100 a month. there is a waiting list but a similar complex is in the works for baltimore's hampton neighborhood. here. here's a look at camden yards from last night. we will remember the gutsy pitching performance of david hernandez. we will remember the home run from melvin mora. we will also remember the mammoth home run off the bat of brad wheaters. we'll remember the bad pitch
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that gave up the game-winning home run to the cleveland indians, a game they should not have won but they did. stay tuned tonight. what would you do with $325 million? come on. no megamillion winners on tuesday. the jackpot is just swelling out of control right now. now it's up to $325 million. come on. what will do you with that? go to your tv screen at 11:00 and who knows. >> it's been a while since maryland's hit. >> how about somebody from funkstown out in washington county. >> i like it. >> or kent county. >> i say baltimore. >> graysonville. >> flint stone. >> out in western maryland. give me a town. where? parkton? they live enough. >> crownsville. >> there you go. come on. all right. keep it in the state. laurel. all right.
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you'll be hard pressed to find anyone without a cell phone. >> we have advice from parents to keep the child's cell phone bill down. very scary moments for students on a school bus when a shirtless man climbed through the window and trays to take over -- tries to take over coming up next. guys, check this out. we had heavy rain overnight. harford county had a flash flood warning. 3.37 inches of rain since midnight. 3 and a third inches of rain in a couple of hours will produce flash flooding. we've got a lot more to show you on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. stick around for the latest on that and tropical storm danny. let's see what kim has on the roads. >> reporter: 295 southbound no problems. we have several incidents working the beltway and residential areas up next.
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all right. if your cell phone is on your child's back to school shopping list, there are a few things you need to know so there are no surprises. >> andrea smith tell hes us
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what every parent needs to know before buying your kid a cell phone. >> reporter: if a cell phone's on your back to school shopping list, that's a few things you need to know when there's no surprises. kids text, they don't call. so you want to get a phone somewhat like this verizon lgmv3 with a great keyboard for texting then get a texting plan because individual texts cost lots of money. you can buy different plans for different ages. younger kids don't need as many call and will be getting a phone to stay connected. get a phone that limits calls to certain prefederalled numbers like you, the neighbors the school. for teens, you can get a prepaid plan. try to get calls they will actually make and make sure
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they don't sign up for ring tone of the week club. many charge you for megabites even if it's hit by accidents. so turn off the mobile internet features on the phone, too. while you are at it, make sure you learn how to text as well because soon, that may be the only way to reach your kids. just got a call from our long time weather watcher ralph in westminster. this is a seasoned weather watcher and over are out there. he said he was scared by the storms. it's nothing like he has ever seen. since 9:30 last night it has rarely let up and tremendous lightning and big boomers passing their way just in the last half hour through manchester. maybe some of you got an early wake-up call. i wouldn't be surprised about the power outages because heavy lightning pushes through. we're looking at rain now
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hanover thousand the 83 stretch where they are doing construction. we're looking at this rainfall here on the lower eastern shore just passing the bay bridge heading through centreville up through chestertown. the rainfall we had earlier on passing through harford and cecil county dumping that nearly 3 1/2 inches of rain pushing through delaware. you have to let the flood warnings rain down. i'll continue to watch that for you. let's show what you it looks like. we've got that flash flood warning through harford and cecil county. we've got tropical moisture coming from the upper level system. look how impressive that is coming off the gulf of mexico. that's giving us a tropical feed ahead of danny which is a rather weak storm. it passes well to the east of
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ocean city with minimal impact. this will be gusty winds and will be high surf. herve yea rainfall may come from the southern system out of the gulf as opposed to danny but either way we'll get hit with heavy rain leading into today and the weekend. flash flood watch with more storms likely 77 degrees. got a race in hunt valley tomorrow that creates a race. that is going to be a little bit of a wet one. we'll check the ocean city forecast in a couple of minutes. you can catch us online at use our interactive radar. here is an example where we can track the latest lightning strikes, this particular one in hamp stead hit at 5:55. here's kim. get your complete list of all of the road closures and incidents tweeted right to you. south bound 95 reports from white marsh boulevard. traffic is building, volume is
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heavy. good news that earlier crash that block the offramp from southbound 95 to white marsh boulevard has been cleared. i'm getting word that that is trees down. also pikesville at the inner loop and park heights avenue. getting reports of a vehicle into the jersey wall blocking the left lane there. also philadelphia road closed in both directions. and in aberdeen, route 159 closed in both directions at cranberry road due to flooding there. jamie and megan, back to you. kim it is a busy morning. in the news this morning, a memorial service will be held to remember senator ted kennedy. his body is at the john f. kennedy presidential library and more than 20,000 people have already filed past the casket to pay respects. the lawmaker's funeral will be held tomorrow in the working class mission hill neighborhood. president barack obama will
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deliver the eulogy and then he'll be flown for burial at arlington national cemetery. he died of brain cancer in hyannis port, massachusetts on tuesday night. he was 77. a shrtless man terrorized a bus load of students in atlanta. police say he went right through the bus window after being caught on surveillance video at a nearby convenience store. he took the wheel from the driver then left it without the driver as it went off the road down a steep hill. students jumped out of the emergency exit of the back of the bus as it rolled down the hill. the man lost his pants trying to run from bystanders trying to stop him from getting away. the bus driver and two students were hurt as the naked suspect was arrested. $56,000 for a new car and $8 for a new sandwich. and you usually see firefighters wearing their boots not holding them.
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you may want to stop by and help them out on the side of the road. here's vinita nair from new york. >> reporter: good morning. there is new evidence this morning that the economy is looking up. the government confirms that the economy shrank only 1% last quarter, better than expected. some economists think it's growing this quarter. unemployment still isn't expected to peak until next spring. financial stocks are soaring. banks themselves are still in deep trouble. the fdic says 416 banks are on the brink of failure. that is the highest number in 15 years. the fund that insures all banks lost more last quarter. there are no immediate plans to borrow money from the government. >> we still have a lot of damage to the system that's going to take a while to heal. you can think of it as a difference between spraining your ankle and breaking your ankle. it will take a while to heal
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this. the auto industry is sending a mixed message on jobs. ford is adding shifts, one in michigan and missouri to meet demands. toyota says it is pulling out of the california factory h. it has shared with gm for 25 years. the decision will likely put 4600 employees out of work. what would you do if you had a $26 billion budget deficit? california's solution is a garage sale. today and tomorrow it is selling laptops, office chairs, highway patrol cars and anything else it can live without. the sale is only expected to clear about $1 million but the government's closets will be a lot less cluttered. coming up on "good morning america," where to shop for groceries to find food for a fraction of what you pay at a regular supermarket. that is your money scope report. i'm vinita nair.
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there's good new and bad news this week as you've been tracking and all of the stuff we're trying to squeeze in this morning. tropical storm danny has weakened a lot. still going offshore of ocean city and still rip currents and minor erosion possible, but we're going to get some rain. not from danny. that's the good news but from the southern storm. i think it will be more widespread. the flooding chances will continue. for the weekend, not a great one at the beach. 78 today, 77 tomorrow. the showers will push 81 this on sunday. locally, here we go. 77 today. we have a flood watch throughout the day and 80 tomorrow with scattered showers and storms continue.
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back to 77 on sunday. whole pattern should give way to a cool, dry setup next week. highs in the 70s and hoes in the 50s. a -- the lows in the 50s. take it easy this morning. the roads are still wet and probably will be foggy. a lot of intersections closed, wires down. 95 southbound looks to be running nicely as you make your way around the area. if you are going anne arundel county southbound route 2 at arnold road, the right lane is closed because of debris and also on the inner loop at park heights avenue, philadelphia road closed in both directions between route 553 and abingdon road. in aberdeen, route 159 and cranberry road. how about this, dinner and a mercedes. one dealer out in california makes sure his customers are well fed while they wait. the restaurant is called piece
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'stro 33 and the cars are a few steps away. meals run from $8 to $18. >> i think it's a great idea. it's fabulous. who wouldn't want to sit here. >> reporter: he thowd thought it was a perfect partner. the restaurant is open for breakfast lunch and dinner. they are hooded with empty coffee mugs. coming up next year on "good morning, maryland." hopefully, the shaken awake is not the worst thing that happened to you this morning. there were close calls overnight with the storm damage. i'm linda so he, we'll have exclusive video coming up.
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